Conference on the method of assessing environmental flows in Poland

9 marca 2018 r.

The National Water Management Holding Polish Waters is inviting everyone who is interested to participate in the national conference dedicated to the methodology behind the assessing of environmental flows in Poland. The conference will take place one day before the World’s Water Day.

As of the start of the 3rd planning cycle scheduled to take off in 2021, the environmental flows will become an important element of managing water resources in Poland. This conference is a second nation-wide meeting dedicated to the subject (the previous one took place in 2015 and was a venue used to present preliminary method of assessing environmental flows). Currently, the work in progress covers verification and calibration of the preliminary method, which is to effect in a final method and a list of tools for its implementation throughout the country.   
The conference is part of the project “Implementation of the Method of Assessing Environmental Flows in Poland,” which in turn is a part of the project called “Compiling the 2nd update of the Water-Environmental Programme and River Basins Management Plans along with planning documents constituting the basis for their compilation.” It is co-funded by the EU’s Cohesion Fund via Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme 2014-2020.  
Participation in the conference that will take place in Warsaw at 51 Chłodna St. (Golden Floor Tower) on 21 March 2018 is free of charge; however, requires prior declaration and filling in electronic form (limited number of seats). Detailed conference agenda has been provided in the meeting’s agenda.
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