Over PLN 117 million for the Oder river

23 grudnia 2019 r.

The modernization of 341 spurs on the Oder river will begin shortly. The construction works will be performed with the application of environmentally friendly, natural materials. Owing to the signed agreement, over PLN 84 million will go for the investment goals from EU funding. The entire investment will cost over PLN 117 million.

Przemysław Daca, the Head of Polish Waters, has stressed that Polish Waters are comprehensively modernizing the Oder River Waterway. - We are modernizing the locks i.a. on the Gliwice Canal and on the Oder river canalized from Kętrzyn to Brzeg Dolny. We have completed the construction of the Malczyce barrage and are in the process of designing the Lubiąż and Ścinawa Barrages. Grzegorz Witkowski, the Deputy Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, has pointed out that nearly 95% of global freight transport is done by sea, which is why investments in ports are so important, especially investments in the development of multimodal ports combining maritime, inland navigation, rail and road types of transport.

Przemysław Daca, the Head of Polish Waters, has emphasized that the agreement for the reconstruction of the spares, i.e. side dams, will enable to achieve the III navigability class. Owing to the completed works, it will be possible to adapt the technical condition and the geometry of the construction elements of the river regulatory buildings in the form of 341 spurs located over a distance of 123 km, from Ścianawa in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship up to the mouth of the Lusatian Neisse in the Lubusz Voivodeship. The implementation of the works will allow to rebuild the most damaged spurs and seawalls, minimize the erosive impact of the current on the river banks and improve navigation conditions by increasing the average depths and introducing a more balanced bed load transport. In addition, shoal patches and shallowing will be removed on 12 sections of the Oder river as part of the investment task. As Przemysław Daca added, the investment will contribute to the improvement of the inhabitants' flood safety - it will allow to safely conduct ice-breaking operations and thus to prevent embolic floods.

The spurs which have been selected for repair will be reconstructed in accordance with typical and commonly applied architectural and construction solutions used when building on lowland rivers. The basic materials which will be used during the construction works, i.e. stone and fascine, which is a type of wicker - are friendly to the natural water environment and for the coastal lands. The sections of the Oder river where the works will be handled, comprise the following municipalities: Nowa Sól, Krosno Odrzańskie, Gubin, Cybinka, Czerwieńsk, Sulechów, Zielona Góra, Trzebiechów, Zabór and Bojadł.

The total cost of the project is over PLN 117 million. On the other hand, an agreement for co-financing from European Union funds has been signed on December 20th at the Centre for EU Transport Projects, for a total amount of over PLN 84 million.

The works will be conducted until 2023, in the winter months, outside of the periods when it is necessary to maintain the protection periods for fish spawning and bird hatching.

Social Communication Team PGWWP

Photo: Polish Waters: Signing the agreement
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