Online consultation concerning the project of a list of surface water bodies with an indication of heavily modified and artificial water bodies

23 kwietnia 2019 r.

Państwowe Gospodarstwo Wodne Wody Polskie - National Water Management Board, invites you to take part in consultations concerning the list of surface water bodies including indicating strongly modified and artificial water bodies. They will last until May 7, 2019.

Determining heavily modified and artificial water bodies is a procedure that accompanies each update of water management plans. In accordance with Art. 4.3 of the Water Framework Directive, each member state has the right to determine heavily modified and artificial water bodies for which the Directive requires achieving good ecological potential. This potential is characterized by lower environmental standards in relation to a good condition required for natural water bodies. The possibility of determining water bodies as heavily modified or artificial applies to those for which changes in hydromorphological characteristics necessary to achieve good water conditions could have a significant adverse effect on the environment in the broader sense, or on the purposes of current transformations (navigation, water supply, flood protection, etc.), and these goals cannot be rationally achieved by other means, which are more favorable to the environment. On the one hand, the ongoing works take into account the hitherto national experience and that of the neighboring countries from previous planning cycles, and on the other, they introduce new methodological proposals based on a method of assessing the hydromorphological status of rivers approved by the Chief Inspector for Environmental Protection and based on the so-called HIR indicator (Hydromorphological Index of Rivers). In addition, the works are carried out in adaptation to the new MPHP 1:10,000 and the new division into surface water bodies updated in 2015-2017.
Attached you will find a list, that was created as part of the work titled "PRZEGLĄD I WERYFIKACJA METODYK WYZNACZANIA SILNIE ZMIENIONYCH I SZTUCZNYCH CZĘSCI WÓD POWIERZCHNIOWYCH WRAZ ZE WSTĘPNYM I OSTATECZNYM WYZNACZENIEM" (REVIEW AND VERIFICATION OF METHODS FOR DETERMINING HIGHLY MODIFIED AND ARTIFICIAL SURFACE WATER BODIES, INCLUDING PRELIMINARY AND FINAL DETERMINATION), divided in accordance with categories of water bodies. In addition to two consultation meetings we have previously informed about, this is another form of involving the society in the process of designating heavily modified and artificial water bodies. Comments on the list can be sent with the attached form until May 7 this year.
Comments form (docx, 60,2 KB)
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