Restoration of ecosystems degraded by the exploitation of water resources –...
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World Wetlands Day and the 50th anniversary of signing the Convention on...
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Water management in the face of climate change
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On Earth Day about a new look at the tap water - for the health of people and the environment

On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day, on which we remind you how fragile the ecosystem of our planet is and how important it is to care for its resources, including water. The Drinking Water Directive introduces new requirements for the Member States of the European Union regarding the quality of the water in the water supply network through which it reaches our homes. Thanks to investments for...

Have your say on water! IIaPGW consultations are about to start

The Minister of Infrastructure and the President of the National Water Management Authority (PGW WP) invite you to participate in semi-annual public consultations concerning updating the water management plans in the river basin areas -IIaPGW. It is the most significant stage of a project carried out by the National Water Management Authority as well as an opportunity for everyone to have an...

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